Here's What People Are Saying about 1-2-3 Gluten Free Products:

"Once again, we are thrilled with your products! The chipless cookies are out of this world! The dough is so much like the gluten stuff it is amazing! I couldn't keep the kids out of it! Thanks for all your hard work!!"
The H. Family, Bentonville, AR

"I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 1992 and tried for all these years to make biscuits that I could eat. I just made a pan of biscuits using your Southern Glory Biscuit Mix and they are out of sight. I can't believe a gluten-free biscuit could taste so good. Thank you very much. P.S. My wife ate one and had to have another."
Roy D., Oklahoma Cit, OK

"I have been on a gluten-free diet for 10 years and your products surpass anything on the market. I wanted to tell you about my version of your pumpkin bars. I bake them as cupcakes. When they have cooled, I put cream cheese icing in a pastry bag with a medium hole tip. I then push the tip into the center of the cupcake and fill. You get the icing without the mess. Great for taking with you or packing in a lunch. I made mini cupcakes and filled them this way and brought them on a camping trip. They were a hit and no one knew or cared that they were gluten free. They were devoured."
Diana A., Yorktown, NY

"The decadent brownie mix was wonderful. It had the texture and taste of traditional brownie mixes. What a find!"
Delores W., Manhattan Beach, CA

The December 2006 Issue of Gourmet Retailer magazine Editor's Choice stated the following:
"Thankfully, I came across a company that is setting standards in the taste of gluten-free foods.... Since my mom is sensitive to wheat, but has a wicked sweet tooth, I'm always searching for products that taste as good as the real thing. We recently whipped up a batch of Chewy Chipless Scrumdelicious Cookies and added our own semi-sweet and butterscotch chips to the mix (all of the products are extremely versatile and the website features fabulous recipe suggestions). Without doubt, these were the best tasting gluten-free cookies we've ever had -- the cookies baked up a perfect golden brown with a silky smooth texture and great "mouthfeel," which is unique in the gluten-free market. In fact, you'd never know these were gluten free."
Kristin Montalvo, Gourmet Retailer Magazine, December 2006 Issue, p. 99

"I recently found your products while visiting my sister in Montana. I loved the brownies and both poundcakes! I couldn't believe how incredibly good they were. I've been trying every gluten-free product I can find since being diagnosed a year ago. These were by far the best I've tasted. I have never found a gluten free bread that was tolerable. I didn't hold out much hope, but since I loved your other products, I figured I'd try Aaron's rolls. I just ate my first one and almost swooned! :) Unbelievable! Gluten-free bread that is incredible and not just "it's ok for gluten-free". My test for any gluten-free product is "Can I tell the difference between this and a wheat product?" With your products, the answer is always "NO!" and that is the sweetest sound. Thank you so much for making your products so good."
Diane O, Kent, WA

"I am so impressed with all three of your products -- they are the best of any prepared gluten free mixes I have used. Please let me know when you have more types available as I will be first in line."
Nancy K., Albuquerque, New Mexico 

"The Biscuits are absolutely fabulous! Light, flakey, sweet and great tasting! I don't even want to add jam as the taste is so wonderful! THANK YOU for an excellent product!"
Lisa H., Minden, Nevada 

"We love the sweet goodness pan bars. Three of my five children have celiac disease and they all want to eat these tasty treats! I can't wait to try the biscuit mixes. As a mom, I appreciate the versatility of the mixes. Thank you for making my life a bit easier and my children's life a bit more normal!"
Lisa H., Okemos, MI 

"I recently ordered all three of your products and prepared the pumpkin bars this weekend for a Labor Day party. I've tried many gluten-free products that didn't live up to the manufacturer's hype. Your product was everything I was hoping for...the texture, the moistness and, above all, the incredible taste. My non-celiac friends usually don't welcome my gluten-free contributions with much enthusiasm so they were all quite surprised and enjoyed the bars as much as I. I topped the bars off with a simple maple glaze (1/2 cup powdered sugar, 2 tablespoons pure maple syrup and a bit of milk to thin). I look forward to trying the new products you'll be adding to your line. Thanks...."
Rob B., San Diego, CA 

"I really can't thank you enough for your products. I have taken pumpkin pan bars to other celiacs in our neighborhood and they are just as impressed as we are. I know they are going to order your product. We all agree the texture is what is amazing. They are not gritty and don't leave an after taste. They are moist and flavorful which is so unlike the products we have tried up until now. Tasting is definitely believing. My family tried the Buckwheat pancakes this weekend. They were the best we have tried. And we have tasted alot! In 
addition to plain pancakes, I also added 2/3c of cooked pumpkin, 2T sugar and 1t cinnamon. I added abit more milk to get a thinner batter. They were great! Thanks!! "
Lisa H., Okemos, MI

"1-2-3 Gluten Free was gracious enough to supply us with samples for our last support group meeting. I used the Sweet Goodness Pan Bar mix and made Pumpkin Walnut Pan Bars from the recipe on the package. Everyone raved about the bars. I must say that they were absolutely delicious and if you didn't know better, you would think that they were regular gluten filled bars. We had four non celiacs at our meeting and they were very impressed! Congratulations to 1-2-3 Gluten Free on an excellent product!"
Barbara H., Missouri 

“I absolutely loved your biscuits -- didn’t try them until I got home and heated it with a little butter and it was great.”
Cammy W., Atlanta, Georgia 

"Your muffins are OUTSTANDING!"
Carrie O., Reno, NV

“[1-2-3 Gluten Free’s] apple spice bars are so light and delicious! A real change from many of the "dense" gluten-free foods. I heartily recommend them to my clients!"
Beth G., Gluten-free lifestyle consultant, Atlanta, Georgia 

“I love your biscuits. They are light and fluffy and you’d never know they were gluten-free.”
Debra L., New York, New York 

“My son and I devoured her pumpkin bars.”
Jeff L., Atlanta, Georgia 

“Our family loves the pan bars. They’re moist and full of flavor. The kids can’t get enough and the adults love them, too. And, I love that the mix is so versatile.”
Jean M., Cincinnati, Ohio

"Allie's Awesome Buckwheat Pancakes sure do have the right name -- they are awesome. I am not usually a huge fan of buckwheat, but these are delicious. They have a nice, but not overpowering flavor. Their texture is perfect -- not at all rubbery like some of the other pancakes on the market. Thanks for a great product."
Ilene, Columbus, Ohio

"Just made your sugar cookies! They taste GREAT! Thanks for making such fabulous mixes! I didn't use any flour to roll out the cold dough. I put my cutting board in the 'fridge overnight and it was so cold I needed no flour. Just thought I'd mention the technique..."
Lisa H., Minden, Nevada

"I couldn't believe how fast we got our order. I made the Souther Glory Biscuits yesterday for my family for breakfast. We had them with sausage patties and eggs, like the biscuit style sandwiches from those evil fast food places, only much better and not grease ladden!! It was incredible!!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. The smiles on my three children's faces was amazing. A grateful mother"
Melissa T., Madison, Georgia

"The sugar cookies were outstanding!"
Cathy C., Centennial, Colorado

"I made the rolls today - they are fabulous! "
Mary W., Tualatin, Oregon

"Ziggy (5yrs) eats your Pan Bars everyday in his snack at kindergarten. He was diagnosed just 3 weeks ago with CD just in time for start of school. We are doing Ok and your help is invaluable...to a Mom who is trying to keep life normal for her son. THANK YOU"
Theresa B., Los Gatos, California

"I made your sugar cookie recipe for the first time yesterday, Yummy!"
Beth K. , Cincinnati, Ohio 

"I do not have celiac disease, but my husband, his sister and our children do. I found your products in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but live in your state. We loved the biscuits, not bean-y like others we've tried."
Heather O., St. Simons Island, Georgia

"I was fortunate to have attended a talk you gave in York PA. Your products were definitely superior to other gluten free items."
Michele T., Willow Street, PA

"I just wanted to tell you my son is autistic and is on the Gluten/Casein Free diet. We tried your pan bars and they are fabulous. I have noticed alot of Gluten Free foods are good for a few hours and then tend to get dry and gritty. Your pan bars were just as moist the next day. My husband usually doesn't want anything to do with Gluten Free foods, but he couldn't get enough of the pan bars. I just purchased the biscuit mix and can't wait to try them. Thanks a bunch"
Flo L., Mooringsport, Louisiana

"Im sold. Haven't had anything Gluten free this good since.........well ever. I just took the pan bars to a potluck topped with cream cheese frosting and they were a hit. My sister in law who claims that I can't fool her with my gluten free concoctions, was finaly fooled. Not even a hint of oddness about them. My husband loved the brownies. Claims they are the best he's ever had. He's the only non celiac in the family. Thanks for bringing a ray of hope to a rice filled world."
Marcelle F., Sacramento California

"Hi, I just made your pound cake and WOW! I can't wait for my husband to try it!"
Mary R., Park Hills, Missouri

"I have tried and love your products. Thank you, from a 10-year gluten-freer."
Amy H., South Bend, Indiana

"This past weekend I made the Chocolate Poundcake and it was EXCELLENT. It was a big hit with my friends."
Rob B., San Diego, CA

"I got your wonderful basket you sent for our Walk comming up June 4 here in Waterloo, IA. I want to THANK YOU for that and also your wonderful products. My daughter loves all of your mixes and that makes my life some much easier for me.I was glad I got to meet you at the State meeting here last year, its nice to put a face with a name and great products. Thanks for all you are doing for us."
Kristi S., Waterloo, Iowa

"WOW! Your banana muffins are simply amazing! I'm taking them to a Mother's Day brunch and I'm fighting off the kids to keep them from eating them all NOW.... Thanks again for creating a delicious and easy muffin mix."
Caroline G., Cincinnati, Ohio

"I just got my order today and made Aaron's favorite rolls - They are great"
Terry M., Plainville, Massachusetts

"My sister and I were diagnosed with celiac disease about 6 months ago ... I just tried your buckwheat pancakes and absolutely loved them."
Patty N., Loveland, Ohio

"I first discovered your pan bars at the Tri-County Celiac Support Group Food Fair in June in Farmington Hills, Michigan.... I just love your products and cannot believe they are gluten-free! My non-celiac family and friends have a skewed impression that all my food tastes this good!"
Angie N., Canton, Michigan

"My husband and I went on our honeymoon in October, 2005 to the Riviera Maya in Mexico. Being a Celiac, I baked and packed gluten-free food for the trip; specifically the yellow poundcake. Unfortunatley, Hurricane Wilma came through the area and we had to evacuate to a shelter for 3 days and 2 nights. I am so thankful that I packed the entire poundcake, because my husband and I ate quite a bit of it while in the shelter. The hotel staff provided food, but I couldn't eat most of it, so I lived off water and the bundt poundcake. Fortunately, it tastes wonderful and stays moist! ...and I'm not just saying that since I lived off of it for 
nearly 3 days! "
Angie M, Canton, Michigan

"I made the 1-2-3 glutenfree brownies last night for the first time. They are by far the best ever! No need to ice them to mask a weird taste! Thanks so much for creating them for us!"
Tracy B., Cincinnati, Ohio 

"I bought the mixes at the Bigg's sampling this past weekend. GREAT! I just made the "banana nut" version of the pan bars & am enjoying them before the kids get home (my daughter is the gluten free one, but I'm sneaking them from her stash). Can't wait to try the biscuits now - especially anxious to try the recipes on the website for sausage balls and wrapped gouda, both great ideas for the holidays. Thank you Carol!! I never would have known about the tasting if you hadn't circulated the email to the group Saturday. We are very excited to be trying something new - and my daughter Jessica, age 8, the one who snuck a few extra samples of your brownies, walks around the house doing her own versions of commercials for your products!"
Karen B., Cincinnati, Ohio

"I agree the 1 2 3 mixes are great. We make the pan bars with the chunky unsweetened applesauce and extra cinnamon. They are absolutely wonderful. No one knew that they were gluten free. The biscuits are wonderful too. We make them and freeze the extras. They are great defrosted. The pound cake, both the plain and chocolate, are very good as well. I made the pound cake and added coconut and coconut extract and took it to a family reunion and everyone loved it. Thanks Carol for giving us these mixes."
Nancy S. Cincinnati, Ohio 

"The decadent brownie mix was wonderfull. It had the texture and taste of traditional brownie mixes. What a find!"
Delores W., Manhattan Beach, California

"I have been on a gluten free diet for 10 years and your products surpass anything else on the market. I wanted to tell you about my version of your pumpkin bars. I bake them as cup cakes. When they have cooled, I put cream cheese icing in a pastry bag with a medium hole tip. I then push the tip into the centr of the cupcake and fill. You get the icing without the mess. Great for taking with you or packing in a lunch. I made mini cup cakes and filled them this way and brought them on a camping trip. They were a hit and no one knew or cared that they were gluten free. They were devoured."
Diana A., Yorktown, New York

"I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 1992 and tried for all of these years to make biscuits that I could eat. I just made a pan of biscuits using your Southern Glory Biscuit Mix and they are out of sight. I can't believe a gluten-free biscuit could taste so good. Thank you very much. P.S. My wife ate one and had to have another."
Roy D., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"Once again we are thrilled with your products!! The chipless cookies are out of this world! I dough is so much like the gluten stuff it is amazing! I couldn't keep the kids out of it!! Thanks for all your hard work!!"
The H. Family, Bentonville, AR 

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